Free agency agreement 28Free agency agreement 28Free agency agreement 28
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[Consult "Guidelines" (Form 201G) for guidance in completing this form]
This EXCLUSIVE BUYER AGENCY AGREEMENT ("Agreement") is entered into (Date)
as Buyer(s) ("Buyer"),
as the Buyer's exclusive agent to assist the Buyer in the acquisition of real property which may include any purchase, option and/or
exchange on terms and conditions acceptable to Buyer. The individual agent who signs this Agreement on behalf of the Firm shall, on
behalf of the Firm, be primarily responsible for ensuring that the Firm's duties hereunder are fulfilled; however, it is understood and
agreed that other agents of the Firm may be assigned to fulfill such duties if deemed appropriate by the Firm. For purposes of this
Agreement, the term "Firm," as the context may require, shall be deemed to include the individual agent who signs this Agreement and
any other agents of the Firm.
Buyer represents that, as of the commencement date of this Agreement, the Buye