Free graduation speech example 12Free graduation speech example 12
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March 2002

Graduation Speech
Hello. It is an honor for me to be here tonight to bring greetings and
congratulations from the school board.
As I began thinking about what I should say to you, I discovered that I could go
on for hours talking about your years at (name of school) High School . . . about the
experiences you’ve had which prepared you for this day and for the future. I began
making notes about all the advice I should share with you and about all of the many
topics I wanted to cover.
Then a friend reminded me about the fate of the famous Greek
philosopher, Socrates, who lived a long, long time ago.
Socrates was very intelligent. But Socrates gave long speeches, and his
friends killed him.
Since I am no Socrates . . . nor do I want to end up like Socrates . . . I will be
brief and to the point.
Tonight (number of graduates) seniors are graduating from (name of school)
High School. The room is packed with your friends a