Free graduation speech example 09Free graduation speech example 09Free graduation speech example 09
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DMS Class Day 2008
Micah Benson
Graduate Student Speech
Distinguished guests, administrators, professors, families,
friends and members of the class of 2008!
I am honored and humbled to address you on behalf of the graduate
school. My name is Micah Benson, and I am graduating with a
doctorate from the molecular and cell biology program.
Back in grade school, the word SCIENTIST evoked images of a wiryhaired slightly manic geek decked-out in a white lab coat and coke
bottle glasses swirling beakers full of colored and bubbling fluids. The
beakers generally contained the ingredients for constructing a
baking-soda volcano, Frankenstein's monster, or something that went
‘boom.’ This image was fairly well reinforced by Professor Frink on The
Simpsons, or Bill Nye. Although fun to watch, I had little desire to
emulate these lofty role models, and I would be surprised if any of my
peers did either. I was far more interested in maneuvering X-wings
past Imperial Cruisers.
So how did we end up he