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Graduation 2016
Principal’s Speech
Mrs Bobby Court

To the graduating class of 2016, our warmest
congratulations. You have entered the ranks of
students who have dedicated themselves to the
completion of Year 12 and the achievement of
the Tasmanian Certificate of Education,
ensuring your pathway to further education,
training and sound employment prospects, well
equipped to embrace life and to make a
significant contribution to the future of your
Well done!
It’s hard to believe that just 14 short years ago,
you wandered into your Kinder classroom, in
your very first school uniform with a brand new
lunchbox in tow. It had been so carefully
prepared by your parents and filled with
nutritious, meticulously wrapped morsels to
nurture your health and wellbeing; and it may
have included a few treats as well; probably to
manage the separation anxiety – your parents’
not yours. They trusted your teachers to care for
you and have done so ever since; slowly
releasing you to a place of ind