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Writing the MLA Research Paper

• Research = re-search, i.e., search and search again for information


a. To inform
b. To persuade
c. To persuade and to inform


a. For the author:
• Paper is a learning tool about the topic.
• Paper offers a chance to learn research techniques.
• Student learns how to incorporate outside sources and other people’s writing
smoothly and effectively into his own.
b. For the reader:
• Paper offers a chance to learn more about the topic.
• Reader can use your Works Cited list to find further information about the topic.

Practical Procedure

Select a topic.
• Something you’re interested in enough to want to read a lot about it
• Something you would like to learn more about or need to learn more about
• Something perhaps that you’ve studied in school
• Something to do with your chosen career field
• Something about which there is already a lot of printed material


Narrow down your topic
• Go from general to f