Free mla format template 21Free mla format template 21Free mla format template 21
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Your Name <----------------------------------------- heading Inst. Lydia Ferguson<--------------------------------- heading ENGL 1100-## (replace ## with your section #) <------ heading Day Month Year <------------- heading Sample MLA Essay<------------- Title (Centered) This is where the essay should begin. As per the guidelines, the margins are one inch on all sides. Notice that the left margin is nicely lined up exactly one inch from the side of the paper, while the right margin is ragged, and does not line up neatly. Having the right edge ragged makes the essay easier to read. The entire paper is also double-spaced. Now look at the title. The title is an important part of the paper. It is relevant to the topic being addressed. The title of a student essay should not have quotation marks around it, and should not be bold, italicized, in all capital letters, or underlined. It is in the same font and font size as the rest of the paper. Here is a new pa