Free mla format template 13Free mla format template 13Free mla format template 13
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Last Name 1
[First and Last Name]
[Professor’s Name]
[Course Number]
[Day Month Year]
[Title; Capitalize all Main Words; Do Not Bold, Underline or Italicize]
[Introduction and Thesis] This template is formatted properly according to MLA Style. It
contains the correct order, placement, margins, fonts, headings, etc. Use this document like a
form and just fill in your information in the appropriate places.
[Supporting Paragraphs] Remember, you need to cite all information in your paper that
originated from outside sources. To do this properly according to MLA Style format, you will
need to include both in text citation and a Works Cited list. In text citation is a brief parenthetical
citation that comes directly after a quote or paraphrased information. The general in text citation
format is: (Author’s Lastname Page#). Here is an example that paraphrases the conclusion of a
research study: Research show that 30% of teenagers prefer green grapes (Smith 89). Another
way to format this stat