Free mla format template 06Free mla format template 06Free mla format template 06
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Structure of a Research Essay
All essays and research papers consist of three parts:
 an introduction
 body paragraphs
 conclusion.

is the first paragraph of our essay
it is begins with a general statement about your topic
provides background information for your reader
concludes with the thesis (last sentence of the introduction)


is the last sentence of the paragraph
one sentence only
is a strong statement that you can prove
is the answer to your research question
 is the controlling idea of the research and is a map to the route
the research essay will follow
 is specific and expresses one major idea about the subject


is where the evidence to prove the thesis is presented
is where the information supports or proves the thesis statement
this supporting information can be analysis, argument,
evaluation, persuasion and comparison/contrast
 the body of the paper is well organized with each paragraph
consisting of a to