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Writing a Short Literature Review
William Ashton, Ph.D.
York College, CUNY
A student began a short literature review on the stigma of the mentally ill and
perceptions of dangerousness. Working through PsychArticles she found three
likely articles. When she read each, she wrote a paragraph description of each:

Alexander, L.A., & Link, B.G. (2003). The impact of contact on stigmatizing
attitudes towards people with mental illness. Journal of Mental Health,
12, 271-289.
Alexander and Link (2003) examined the stigma of mental illness,
perceptions of dangerousness and social distance in a telephone survey. They
found that, as a participant’s own life contact with mentally ill individuals
increased, participants were both less likely to perceive a target mentally ill
individual in a vignette as physically dangerous and less likely to desire social
distance from the target. This relationship remained after controlling for
demographic and confound variables, such as gender, ethnicity, educati