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Sample Literature Review
[In this sample, the first five sources are the ones with in-depth summaries and critiques. The
rest simply present the thesis. Your list may be different—the ones you comment on in depth will
probably be scattered throughout the list.]
Research question: How does funding for education affect economic well being?
Cabrera, Alberto, Wietse Vries, and Shaquana Anderson. “Job satisfaction among Mexican
alumni: a case of incongruence between hunch-based policies and labor market
demands..” Higher Education 56.6 (2008): 699-722.
Contrary to expectation, the article finds that traditional majors produce higher employment and
job satisfaction than new, non-traditional majors intended to be more market-oriented. Part 1
summarizes recent educational reforms, part 2 presents data from a recent alumni study, and part
3 discusses the results. Suggests that education funding alone, without effective targeting, may
not be enough to positively affect the economy. A major surve