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In Chapter 1, the background and problem, purpose, objectives, research
approach and significance of the study were described. As part of the discussion
of the background to the problem, the researcher referred to literature regarding
the rehabilitation of PLWSC, the impact of disability as a result of SCI and the
challenging reality of reintegrating PLWSCI into their communities. In this
chapter the literature on community participation by PLWSCI is reviewed in order
to provide an overview of factors influencing the process of renewed
An electronic and manual literature search was conducted to identify the
literature available on the various facets of the topic and to select relevant
resources for the review. The search was performed using various electronic
databases: Medline, Cinahl, Science direct, PEDro, and Pubmed. The Google
scholar search engine was also utilised. Keywords used included spinal cord
injury, rehabilitati