Free literature review template 23Free literature review template 23Free literature review template 23
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Template for Summary of Literature Reviews
Instructions: Please use the following template to compile findings from the literature and current
relevant research.
Program Description
In 1-2 paragraphs, briefly describe the main components of your program, and how these components
address the problem described in the program logic model.
Summary of Literature by Major Program Components
Summarize key findings from literature reviews by major program component. Key findings can be in
paragraph or bullet format, but should cite the source and the page number on which the finding is
discussed. Then describe how these findings specifically relate to your program. The attached literature
review submitted by COTS for the program Rent Right is an excellent example.
Conclude with 1-2 paragraphs that summarize the literature, how the literature relates to your program,
and any gaps in the literature. It is possible and acceptable that there may not be literature to support all
of the p