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Writing a Literature Review

Explain what a literature review is.
Help students understand how to write a good literature review.

Outline the six components of the lecture: What is a literature review? , Selecting Articles to
Review and Structure of a Literature Review (which includes phrases which can be useful
when writing a literature review)

What is a literature review?
A literature review is a summary and critical analysis of writings by scholars on a particular
topic/theme. It is a combination of i) what has already been written on the topic, ii) an
identification and discussion on what has not been written on the topic and/or iii)
conceptual/methodological weaknesses of the literature, and finally iv) how you will address
the weaknesses or gaps in the existing knowledge base. A literature review does not simply
reproduce/summarise the literature; it is both descriptive and analytical.

Discuss the most widely accepted findings on the topic.