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Science Fair Literature Review Guidelines

DUE October 29-30
The Science Fair Literature Review includes three parts: a title page, the paper, and a
reference page.
Use only third person – no ‘I,’ ‘we,’ ‘us,’ ‘me,’ ‘you,’ etc.
You must use at least FIVE resources.
All three parts must be typed, double-spaced in Times New Roman 12 point type.
Paper should be 3-5 pages long
Do not include pictures or graphics on any part of your title page, paper, or reference page.
Directions for the Literature Review format are on the other side of this paper.
Title Page should contain the following information centered on the page:
Title of Project
Your Name
Grade Level
Lindblom Math and Science Academy
Chicago, Illinois
Citations should be in APA style
o Put the # of the citation in parentheses after the first statement from the source you’re
o Build your bibliography at:
o Make sure you pick APA style for the format!