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Distinguishing Capsule Membrane Properties
Literature Review Outline

Edgar Haner¨


Is it possible to distinguish capsules of different membrane
prop-erties irrespective of their size?

First we will explore the ways in which capsule properties can be determined in Section
2 and then consider the current state of knowledge on the behaviour of capsules in
different flow situations in Section 3.


Characterizing Capsule properties

There appear to be three main ways in which capsule properties are determined,
detailed in the following three sections. All methods are generally validated using the
compression method, detailed in section 2.1.

2.1 Compression between two plates
A capsule is compressed between two plates at a fixed rate and the force exerted is recorded
along with images to determine the shape of the capsule. A mathematical model is then used to
extract the membrane shear modulus. The simpler approach is to use the result from thin-shell
theory developed