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Other types of writing
2. Writing a literature review
Graduate students, such as Honours and Masters students, are sometimes set a
literature review, or literature survey, as an assignment. The literature review is
a survey of the literature on a particular subject or area of interest. It involves
finding out what literature is available on the subject, what the main areas of
research are, who the prominent researchers in the field are, and what the
current and possible future research questions are. Significantly, a literature
review involves a discussion of the research debates, that is, which researchers
agree or disagree with each other and why.

1. Writing a case
study, book review or


2. Writing a
literature review

Literature reviews form an important part of thesis writing. They function as a
point of departure for the thesis as they provide the background information
for the thesis’ area of research, and allow the researcher to ‘position’ his or h