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Missouri School Counselor Performance
Assessment Lesson Plan Template
For use with the MoSCPA, this Lesson Plan Format is designed to help school
counselor candidates develop well-planned and structured lessons. This Lesson Plan
Template may be used in conjunction with Task 2.

Standards/Quality Indicators/Skills
Missouri standards, quality indicators, and skills to be addressed by the lesson

Learning Objectives/Goals
The lesson’s objectives and learning outcomes, which are appropriate for meeting
curricular and student needs

The type(s) of assessment that will take place before, during, and after the lesson

Lesson Structure and Procedures
The sequence of the lesson elements
The before, during, and after of the lesson (e.g., the engagement/opening,
procedures, guided practice, and conclusion)

Instructional Strategies
The approaches that will be used to help students achieve the learning objectives
and that best meet students’ needs

Learning Activities
The opportunities