Free Informative Speech Outline 21Free Informative Speech Outline 21Free Informative Speech Outline 21
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Completed Informative Outline
# and Title of Your legislation
I. Introduction
A. Attention-getter – type it in full.
B. Credibility – date and title of your first source.
C. Topic – what your bill/resolution wants to do.
D. Preview main points

II. Body
A. Explain the legislation
B. Pros
C. Cons

III. Conclusion
A. Review Main Points
B. Closing statement – type it in full.

Rough Draft Informative Outline - #1
Directions: fill in the blanks/boxes with the information you will use for your
informative speech. Next week, you will have the opportunity to type this information.
Item # _____:____________________________________________________________
I. Introduction
A. Attention-getter – what are you using? (circle one)
Rhetorical Question Fact
Write your attention-getter verbatim in the box blow.

B. Credibility – state one fact about your topic, and where you found that fa