Free Informative Speech Outline 15Free Informative Speech Outline 15Free Informative Speech Outline 15
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Public Speaking
COM 231

Materials Coordinated by

Communication Faculty
Central Piedmont Community College
(Revised 5/2012)

COM website:
For questions related to COM classes, check our website at

Pre-Major in Communication
Central Piedmont offers a two year pre-major in Communication for
students transferring to a four year institution with a COM major. If you
have questions about the Communication Pre-major, any full-time faculty
member will be able to respond to your inquiries.
If you are currently a Pre-COM major, please contact Linda White,
faculty advisor for COM pre-majors:
[email protected]
335 Overcash Building , Central Campus
Phone (704) 330-6043

Sigma Chi Eta Honor Society

CPCC has chartered an honor club for those students interested in pursuing
communication. At CPCC, students can be classified as a Pre-COM major (a
major in Communication requires a 4-year degree). In order to apply,
students need to have 9.0 semester