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Angee Lewandowski

Career Research Informative Speech Outline
Purpose: to inform the audience about a career as an interior designer.
I have an addiction. I know, it’s shocking to think that I have a problem like this. So, what is my
addiction, this thing that I’m so obsessed with that I often stay up late, ignore my family, and don’t get my work
done? I am addicted … to watching HGTV. I can’t help myself! I absolutely love interior design, and I’m
constantly working on house projects (which drives my family a little crazy sometimes). I’ve often thought about
becoming an interior designer, especially when the designing competition show Design Star first came on HGTV.
In fact, one of my favorite designers, David Bromstad, was the very first winner of Design Star. So I decided to a
little research on this profession to discover what this profession exactly entails, the national as well as Arizona
employment rates, and what kind of salary I could expect to make if I were to