Free Informative Speech Outline 03Free Informative Speech Outline 03Free Informative Speech Outline 03
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Informative Speech Outline
Speaker’s Name: Holly Mixon
Speech Topic: Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’S)
General Purpose: To Inform
Central Idea (Main Goal): Should we have GMO’S or not?
A. Introduction
Attention Grabber: Have you ever heard of a GMO?
Materials: PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Google Chrome
(Transition): Why should I care?
First Major Point: What are GMO’S?
A. What does GMO stand for? What does it mean?
1. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism.
2. It means that an organism has had its genes changed to form a better product.
B. What organisms are genetically modified, and who modifies them?
1. Most organisms that are modified are agricultural, and are consumed by the
human population.
2. Agriscientists modify them.
C. Why do we have GMO’S?
1. Scientists modify these organisms in hopes to produce a better healthier product
for consumers.
2. However, there is a large debate on whether or not we should have GMO’S.
(Transition): Now that we have a better understand