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Class of 2011 President Jesse Graham
Graduation Speech

So here we are, our graduation. For all of us this moment is the culmination of the
past 13 years of our lives, and a final farewell that hardly does that time justice. For
some, this ceremony comes as a relief as we are able to cast aside the shackles of high
school that bound us as we enter the liberty of the adult world. For others, this end comes
bittersweet. Every memory that we have made at school is caught in an emotional
struggle with the allure of freedom in the adult world. And that is exactly what it is, the
adult world, not the “real world.” To say that we have not yet entered the real world, to
say that everything that we have done over the past 18 years of our lives was not real, that
it did not matter, would be a lie. We have always been a part of the real world, and as a
new chapter of our lives unfolds before us, we cannot help but look to the past to pacify
our fear of the unknown. And that fear is not unfounded,