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Highland Park High School Graduation Speech 2016-2017

This night is about all of you guys. It's not about me so I am not
going to be too long.

And I'm going to try to avoid the cliché advice tonight. So let
me just stick to sharing something really simple- be happy.

And a key to happiness is not being so serious. Most of us are way
too serious. Just loosen up a little and don’t worry about what
somebody else has to say or think about you. I know that seems
easier said than done, and I promise it is probably going to take
time for you to feel confident enough for this to happen. But when
you’re ready for it, it will be an amazing feeling- The idea that you
can just be you and not take yourself too seriously because you
don’t care what other people think about you.

I’m not saying there aren’t times when you have to be serious by
the way. And here comes a second ke