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Your Honorable Immigration Judge:
I am Adrian Lisowski, I am 58 years old, a legal Polish immigrant, a successful restaurateur
and I have known Marta Lisowski, my wife, for over 30 years. I request that you allow Marta
to remain in the country as her removal will have a severe emotional and financial impact on
our family.
Marta and I have four children together, two of which have children of their own. She serves
as the matriarch of the family, providing support and counsel when the children are
struggling, taking care of her grandchildren whenever necessary, preparing family dinners
during holidays, and ensuring that we preserve the integrity of the family name. She is a
powerful woman and the backbone of this household. It’s indisputable that her permanent
removal will have serious negative repercussions on her grandchildren, her children and on
myself, her husband of almost three decades.
My restaurant is also dependent on my wife’s work ethic, she’s the manager of the front and