Free Immigration letter 16Free Immigration letter 16
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Your Name, Title
Re: Bond hearing, Name of Applicant, A#
To Whom It May Concern:
My name is YOUR NAME. I began visiting APPLICANT in MONTH YEAR as a member of the VISITATION
PROGRAM. VISITATION PROGRAM is a member of Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in
Confinement (CIVIC) and operates a community visitation program at DETENTION FACILITY to provide a
connection to the outside world for people in immigration detention.
Paragraph #1: From the first moment I met APPLICANT, I was struck by X QUALITY. [Discuss what your
relationship with APPLICANT means to you and how APPLICANT is a valuable member of the community.
Share specific stories about good things he has done for you -- this is harder if you only have known him in
detention, but you can speak to his demeanor here.] Example: I didn’t realize what kind of an effect visiting
someone in immigration detention would have on me, but since I met APPLICANT, I find myself thinking about
him and realizing that he has