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Immigration Reference Letter
Date: 6th October 2014
The Immigration Department head,
33 Paula Lane
Uncasville CT 06385.

Subject: Immigration reference letter for Ms. Sally Simpson
Dear Sir,
My name is Jane Clarks. I am working as HR executive at ABC consulting and I am based in
104 Thomaston Road, Preston CT 06365. I am writing this on behalf of Ms. Sally Simpson,
whom I have known for the past seven months, in order to attest her need for UK
I have met Ms. Simpson when she reached here seven months ago, at our neighborhood
and befriended her. She had come here to join her spouse who is working here. Since her
visa status prevents her from working here, she couldn’t do a job here and her spouse’s
income is not sufficient for both of them to live a decent life. As per my understanding it is
necessary for her to get a permanent visa so that she can do a full time job and support
her family.
She has come across as an efficient, hardworking and reliable person who can be a