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Name of the Sender
Address of the Sender
City, State, and Zip Code
Contact Number
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Name of the Recipient
Address of the Recipient
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To Whom It May Concern
Well, I am eventually pleased that I am writing this Immigration
Reference Letter on behalf of my good friend. [Include the name of your
My name is [ Name of the Sender] and it is a privilege for me that I
know [ name of your friend] for last 5 years. I really consider him as a
nice person and respectable businessman. I met him near about four
years ago when I was working with him in Malaysia. He is very
generous and kind. Along with that, he treats each and every person with
kindness and our relation between each other is just as a family member.
After spending a delightful time with him, I cam to know that he is a
wonderful personality. He is hardworking and caring as well. His family
has worked and lived in the London for some time. But, due to the
contractual agreements, he could