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Email Format to be followed for a Legal Engagement Letter.
To: [email protected]
From: [email protected]
SUBJECT: Legal Engagement Letter.
Dear Mr./Ms/Mrs.______(Name of the recipient)
Under our discussion on (date), I have agreed to represent you in connection with ( the
type of matter). I am thankful to you for selecting our law firm to represent you in this
matter. I have gone through the details of the situation, and I can assure you that our
firm will help you evade out of this situation very soon.
I also wish to set forth our agreement as to the payment of my fees. My fees for legal
services would be 100$ plus any additional expense for the services rendered from our
end such as postage, photocopy, filing fees, handling charges, etc. My office will send
you the estimation of the cost of the extra services rendered by us at the end of each
month. Rest the fee will be approximately 100$ as discussed earlier.
I have included a copy of this letter for your review and signature. I request y