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Collection of Debt
Dunn & Associates
Attorneys at Law
155 W 70th St.
New York, NY 10023
November 19, 2017
Mr. Calvin Jones
Baxter Construction LTD.
201 Ann St.
Newburgh, NY 12550

Re: Final Demand Letter Prior to Legal Action

On behalf of our client Tottman Supplies Corp., we at Dunn & Associates are writing to
inform you of an overdue payment owed to our client. According to the construction
materials invoice agreed upon by you and our client, you owe $8,960 for materials plus
This payment is currently 60 days overdue which, consequently, will result in interest
charges applied to the delivery charge. Tottman Supplies Corp. charges 1.5% interest per
30 days, which is a reasonable percentage for the inconvenience. Therefore, you will be
charged an additional $268.80 for the 60 days currently overdue, bringing the total amount
owing to $9,228.80.
This letter serves as the final warning for overdue payment. If payment is not made within 7
days, we will