Free legal letter format 05Free legal letter format 05Free legal letter format 05
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Letter of Enquiry to Legal Counsel

Letter of Enquiry to Legal Counsel
These instructions apply to the following:
Type of audit and assurance work

financial statements audit engagements

Types of entities


statutory bodies

state-owned corporations



Contract Audit Agents (CAA) must:

seek responses from legal counsel to letters of enquiry where material legal matters may exist

ask the agency to use this template to prepare letters of enquiry printed on its own letterhead to all legal
counsel consulted by management, including in-house legal counsel. Letters must be addressed to all
legal counsel, who have devoted substantial attention to the agency’s litigation and claims. If external
legal counsel is primarily responsible for the litigation or claim, evidence obtained from in-house legal
counsel cannot substitute for that of the external legal counsel, even if the external legal counsel
refuses to re