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Official Legal Letter

Dear Manager,
Re: Hardship notice
Loan account no:
I/we wish to apply for a variation of the above loan contract on the grounds of hardship under section 72 of the National Credit
Change requested
I/we request the following change to my/our contract:
a reduction in the amount of each repayment to $ per fortnight/month. This change is requested for (number of months) months.
After this time I/we will return to making the normal scheduled repayments. The term of the loan to be extended and any arrears
to be added to the loan. OR
no repayments for 3 months with my circumstances to be reviewed at the end of this period to discuss if a further extension of
time is needed. After the agreed period, I/we return to making the normal scheduled repayments, the term of the loan is
extended and the arrears added to the loan. OR
I/we continue making scheduled repayments and any arrears accumulated during my/our recent period of financial hardship are
added to the loan an