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Contract Number
Student number

Surname & Initials
I hereby acknowledge that I am legally indebted to the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in the total sum amount of: …………………………
I agree that should I, for any reason whatsoever, default to pay off the installments as set out herein; the University shall have the right to make this
agreement an order of the court without having to notify me first.
I further acknowledge that the arrangement to pay the above mentioned amount only serves to facilitate my commitment to settle the outstanding debt
within the prescribed period set. This does not include the release of results/academic transcripts, certificates, or guarantees any future registration
unless the account is paid in full.

Signature of Account Holder

Student’s signature

Full Name of Account Holder
Contact Telephone (office hours)

Cell phone No

E-mail Address (Student)
E-mail Address (Account Holder)

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