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I, ___________________, of ______________ County in the State of _____, shall
lend to ___________________, of ______________ County in the State of _____,
the sum of $ _____________, to be used for the establishment of a Family Trust.

This note shall be repaid in monthly payments, and amortized over a period of
____ years, at the annualized rate of return of ____ %. It is understood that the
borrower of said sum is in possession of _________________, which when
revalued, will be worth substantially more than the amount of said note.

In the event that the pre valued currency should revalue “prior” to the repayment of
said note, the borrower shall then pay to the lender, within 60 days, as a full and final
payment, an amount equal to ____ times the remaining note balance.

Further, if the borrower should fall two (2) monthly payments behind, the lender
shall then be entitled to the immediate repayment of said note, with interest, and
all of the reasonable lega