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Free Download: This downloadable AOD template may be copied for use as
intended by the publishers i.e. as a guide in the drafting of an
Acknowledgement of Debt agreement. It may not be sold or replicated for
purposes of redistribution or for gain.
NB! PLEASE READ: For those who have a legal background or qualification with knowledge of AOD
agreements, use the appropriate template to draft the required AOD. However, before deciding to use this
AOD template, it is imperative to ascertain whether or not the nature of the debt evidenced by the AOD is
governed by the National Credit Act, in which case the plaintiff should comply with the procedural
requirements of the act.
For the rest of us, the ANC-templates will provide guidance and insight of what the AOD agreement entails and
help you in the decision-making process regarding the options available to a creditor and to consider the legal
consequences of the chosen action.
In broad terms, the AOD could