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Debt Acknowledgement Form (IOU)
I, the undersigned
acknowledge to

(Name of Debtor) hereby confirm and
(Name of Creditor), hereinafter called Creditor, that I

am indebted to said Creditor in the amount of __________________________ Dollars ($__________________) as
of the date set forth below. The amount includes any and all legally permitted charges, such as
accrued interest, up to the dated set forth below. I acknowledge and agree that I incurred said Debt
and I am solely responsible for repayment of it to Creditor. I also agree and acknowledge that I
have no defense should the Creditor use this document in a court of laws as a confession of
judgment on my part (where legally permissible).
I have promised and agreed to pay the entire amount by ______________________ (date), and I will pay a
least _____________________ of the amount of said Debt on or before the __________________________ (date)
of each month beginning __________________________ (date), until it is paid. I have agreed