Free independent contractor agreement 36Free independent contractor agreement 36
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Independent Contractor Agreement
This Agreement is made on ________, 20____between______________ (Company) and
______________ (Contractor.)
Subject to the terms and conditions as set forth herein, _____________ (Company) retains
_____________ (Contractor) and ________________ (Contractor) hereby accepts
________________ (Company’s) retention to perform services described herein.
1. Contractor obligations
In return for the compensation noted under "Contractor Compensation," contractor voluntarily
agrees to perform services for _____________ (Company) as described below:
2. Attach to this Agreement a full description of:

Scope of services
Time frame in which the services are to take place
Expectations for final outcome, product and report
Provisions for unexpected delays
Penalties for incomplete work
Procedure for adding additional work or extending the contract

3. Contractor compensation
In full consideration of all services performed by contractor as described in this con