Free independent contractor agreement 10Free independent contractor agreement 10Free independent contractor agreement 10
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Sample – Independent Contractor Agreement

This contract is made between:
{Company Name} (‘{Company Name}’, ‘us’, ‘our’, ‘we’)
{Name} (the ‘Contractor’, ‘you’, ‘your’),
together, ‘the parties’.


This contract shall commence on {date} and shall continue until {date} unless terminated
earlier by either party in accordance with this contract (the ‘Term’).
The parties may agree in writing to extend the Term or enter into a new contract, but
confirm that there is no expectation of any arrangement beyond the Term.


The relationship between the Contractor and {Company name} is that of an independent
contractor and nothing expressed or implied herein shall constitute the relationship of
employer and employee between the parties.
The Contractor is not {Company Name}’s agent or representative, and will not act in any
way that may or does cause any person or entity to believe that the Contractor is an
agent or representative of {Company Name}, un