Free Incident Report Template 14Free Incident Report Template 14
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Incident report
(use extra pages if needed)
Student name:
Report date:
Report author:


Possible gross


Type of

Possible behaviour
risking serious harm?

Possible continual

Possible failure to comply
with suspension condition?

Details of incident

Student response
Did you explain what you had found to the student and ask for comment?

 No
If No, reason

If Yes, what was the student’s response?

 Yes

Significant disagreements
Were there any significant disagreements over facts?

 Yes  No

If Yes, what version do you prefer and why?

Evaluating the facts
Can you answer yes to at least one of these questions?

 Yes  No

Was the student caught red-handed? or
Was the incident seen by someone you think is credible? or
Was the student implicated by other significant circumstantial evidence? or
Did the student freely admit involvement or responsibility?
Evaluating the facts
Is there sufficient evidence for the principal to consider a sta