Free Baby Registry Checklist 23Free Baby Registry Checklist 23Free Baby Registry Checklist 23
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Baby Checklist
4-6 Side-Snap Tees

First Aid Kit and Infant Medicines
Chemical-Free Cleaning Supplies

4-8 Bodysuits (Long- and ShortSleeved)

Gentle Laundry Detergent

1-2 Caps

Furniture and Television Straps

1-2 Pairs of No-Scratch Mittens

Shopping Cart/Restaurant
Highchair Cover

9-12 Pairs of Socks
6-8 Receiving or Swaddling

Nursing & Feeding
Breast Pump & Accessories

1-2 Wearable Blankets
Breast Milk Storage Containers
2-4 Gowns
4-8 Footies
4-8 Pairs of Pants

Steam Sterilizer Bags and Cleaning
Nursing Bras, Pads, Soothing
Ointments, and Gel Pads

Coming Home Outfit
Nursing Pillow and Cover
Seasonal Clothing (Bunting,
Swimsuit, Jackets, Dress-Up Outfit,

Nursing Stool
Burp Cloths

Baby Monitor
Safety Gates
Safety Locks, Covers, and Cushions
Nasal Aspirator

8-12 Bottles and Nipples
Bottle Brush
Bottle Sterilizer
Bottle Drying Rack
Dishwasher Basket
Bottle Warmer

Insulated Bottle Tote and/or
Reusable Ice Pack