Free Baby Registry Checklist 24Free Baby Registry Checklist 24Free Baby Registry Checklist 24
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A “Newborn Baby Registry” Checklist for Natural-Minded

Breastfeeding gear: For mamas returning to work, invest
in a good pump and quality bottles or cups. You may
need nursing pads while your baby establishes a good milk
supply – try cloth ones instead of disposable to lessen the
amount of packaging and waste.
A baby carrier: some parents prefer a stretchy wrap like
the Moby, others like the continuing usefulness of a softstructured carrier like the Ergo. But most everyone agrees, it
is so nice to have the ability to carry baby and have your
hands free to do other things.
A car seat: if you drive, then you’ll need a good car seat.
Check the following sites for information on car seat safety
ratings, and be sure to have your seat installed properly and
learn how to position your baby in it correctly: NHTSA Child
Safety Seat Ease of Use Ratings,NHTSA Child Safety,
Diapers: whether you decide to go with cloth diapers or
ecologically friendly disposable on