Free Baby Registry Checklist 26Free Baby Registry Checklist 26Free Baby Registry Checklist 26
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1. Cribs (QTY2)
Yes, you will need two of these. Babies get pretty active soon and tend be quite the
movers when they sleep. You will need two cribs before you know it. That way they
won’t disturb each other when they sleep.

2. Crib Fitted Sheets (QTY 4)
No need to buy a complete crib bedding set. It comes with a whole lot of things that you
will probably never use, such as the crib bumper, the comforter and the fabric diaper
pouch. For the first year, the only thing that should be in your babies crib is a fitted sheet

3. Crib Bed Liner
Sometimes there will be accidents or they may get sick and spit up all over the crib in
the middle of the night. Having a clean one handy will make all the difference!

4. Changing Pad (Qty 1)
You can usually get away with just one as you can usually only change one baby at a
time. If you can do two at the same time than you are quite talented!

5. Changing Pad Cover (QTY 2)
Having a couple of these are great for those quick