Free Baby Registry Checklist 22Free Baby Registry Checklist 22
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Cotton babygros: Those wonderful onesies! I would say about 10 is a good
number. This may sound like overkill but if you have a baby like mine who would
poo up her entire back to her neck (I kid you not!), then numerous changes per day
are necessary.
Vests: The ones that button under the bum are best otherwise the vest tends to
bunch up a bit under the babygrow. Again I think 10 is a good amount (see above).
Socks: Having had two winter babies I put the socks on under the babygro to
make sure their little tootsies stayed warm. Maybe four pairs – these (thankfully)
aren’t affected by gravity-defying poo.
Bibs: If you do have a drooler or puker on your hands, absorbent towelling bibs
with the plastic-type back could save you a few changes of clothes a day.
Beanies: Cotton ones for summer, knitted or fleece for winter.
Receiving blankets: I would swaddle my babies in these so it was the first layer on
top of their clothing – 4-6 should do it.