Free Baby Registry Checklist 35Free Baby Registry Checklist 35Free Baby Registry Checklist 35
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Your Baby Registry Checklist
Baby is on the way, and so are the gifts! What baby essentials should you add to your registry,
and how many do you need? This checklist will help.

Crib (1)

Bassinet or Moses Basket (1)

Crib Mattress – Firm (1)

Blankets – Swaddle (3)

Crib Waterproof Mattress Pad (2)

Sleep Sack Swaddle (2)

Changing Table or Dresser (1)

Sleep Sack Wearable Blanket (2)

Changing Pad (1)

Fitted Crib Sheet (2-3)

Changing Pad Cover (2)

Crib Mobile (1)

Glider (1)

Hamper (1)

Bottle (depends on % of feedings)

Burp Cloths (8-10)

Bottle Storage Rack (1)

Nursing Pillow (1)

Bottle Brush (1)

Nursing Pillow Cover (2)

Dishwasher Basket (1)

Pacifier (2-3)

Sterilizer (1)

Bib (8-10)

Bottle Warmer (1)

High Chair (1)

Breast Pump (1)

Travel High Chair (1)

Breast Pump Bottle Set (2)

High Chair/Shopping Cart Cover (1)

Breast Pump Freezer Packs (1-2 sets)

Food Processor/Food Mill (1)

Freezer for Milk Storage (1)

Baby Plate & Spoon Set (2)

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