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Dear Insurance Company,
I feel I must owe you an apology.
I’m sorry for being chronically ill. I can hear the impatience, contempt, and
even anger in your voice when we communicate. You’ve made it clear that my
condition is a huge inconvenience to you, and I never intended for it to be this
I’m sorry that no matter how many times I’ve explained my symptoms to you,
you still don’t understand exactly what the problem is. I’m sorry that my
doctors and specialists haven’t been able to clarify anything for you either.
Even the assessments you yourselves have ordered don’t seem to have
given you any insight into my illness.
I’m sorry that despite having so much information and so many reports on
hand, supporting numerous diagnoses, that you are still unable to grasp the
basic concepts of my condition. I can’t imagine how frustrating that must be
for you.
I’m sorry that I insist on consulting my doctors prior to following any of your
recommendations, and I’m sorry that they don’t always