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How to write a letter of apology.

If you have agreed to write a letter of apology to your victim then well done, this is a really
nice way of trying to repair the harm caused by the offence for the victim, it’s also a really
good way of helping you feel better about yourself.
If you’re sat wondering what to do, well, here are a few tips to get you started.
Remember this is your letter so you don’t have to follow this pack, this pack just helps you
think about a few of the issues as you go along.
When you do a letter of apology its better to do it in three stages.
1. Ideas.
When you write a letter of apology the victim reads the words on the sheet. They don’t know
what you are thinking in your head so start by writing down all the things you want to say or
you want them to know. Don’t worry too much about your writing, this is only in rough and
won’t be shown to anyone else. Remember why you are writing the letter, which is usually to
say sorry, so this is a good thing to think about