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Hotel Apology Letter to Guest
Howard Brothers
123 Main Street, San Francisco, CA 94122
Home : 415-555-0000 Cell: 415-555-0000
[email protected]
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Sumners,
I’m the General Manager here at The Gimmel Resort & Spa. It has been
brought to my attention that your recent visit with us was not up to par. As you
may know providing the highest level of hospitality is our number one priority
and hearing we have fallen below that standard is something we like to
address immediately.
I can imagine that our inability to accommodate you with the two bedroom
suite you booked started your stay with us on the wrong foot. But I hope you
and your family did understand that we had a water pipe break in that section
of the building and was unable to put anyone there while the repairs were
done which unfortunately took longer than we anticipated. That meant closing
that portion of the building for 24 hours.
I hope you can forgive this inconvenience and not let it stop you from staying
with us