Free apology letter 02Free apology letter 02Free apology letter 02
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Templates Included:
1. Apology Letter
2. Appreciation Letter
3. Complaint Letter
4. Collection Letter
5. Condolence Letter
6. Cover Letter
7. Donation Letter
8. Intent Letter (Job Offer)
9. Introduction Letter
10. Resignation Letter
11. Recommendation Letter
12. Termination Letter
13. Thank You Letter

* * * Apology Letter Template * * *
(Use business letterhead stationary.)

(Sender Name)
(Sender Street Address)
(City, State, Zipcode)
(Recipient Name)
(Recipient Title/Position)
(Organization Name)
(Recipient Street Address)
(City, State, Zipcode)
Dear (Name of Recipient):
Thank you so much for the patience and understanding you’ve displayed during this
most regrettable situation. For myself and on behalf of (Name of Organization), please
accept my sincere apology for (Briefly Describe Error).
(Add sentence to inform customer what has been done to correct the error. If you plan on
compensating the customer for