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(Unit Letterhead)
(Office symbol)


MEMORANDUM FOR (Rank, Soldier's First MI Last Name, Street
address, City/Town, State, Zip Code)
SUBJECT: Notification of Annual Training

1. Annual Training for Soldiers assigned to this unit (2/214th FA) will be
conducted (date, time, and location).
2. All Soldiers assigned to this unit are required to participate in Annual
Training for the purpose of:
a. Certifying our unit's ability to meet its mission
b. Evaluating individual skills and training shortfalls
c. Screening Soldiers for availability for mobilization
d. Inspecting uniforms, issued equipment, and clothing bag items
3. Annual Training will be conducted from XXXXXXX to XXXXXXX at Ft
Stewart. Attendance is mandatory. Serviceable uniforms are required and
all personnel must adhere to Army grooming standards during AT.
4. Transportation to Fort Stewart via convoy is available on the day before
annual training (date). Contact Sergeant XXXXX for details. Movem