Free army counseling form 09Free army counseling form 09
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Results of APFT:
On xxxx, you were administered an APFT (Record Test). You achieved the
following scores:
Push-ups (reps/score): _xx_ / _xx_
Mile run (reps/score): _xx_ / _xx_

Sit-ups (reps/score): _xx_ / _xx_


You failed to achieve a passing score in the Sit-up and 2 Mile run event

As a result or your performance I am recommending/directing that the
following actions be taken (indicated by the check mark):
_____You will be evaluated by the THOR III fitness staff and begin a special
physical training program designed for you.
_____You be removed from jump status.
_____You be removed from attendance in any NCOES schools.
_____You be flagged and/or barred from reenlistment.

Soldier was informed that they will have up to 90 days from initial failure
in which to retake and pass the APFT. The commander may allow Soldier
to retake the test as soon as the Soldier and the commander feel the
Soldier is ready.
Two consecutive APFT failures are grounds for