Free army counseling form 11Free army counseling form 11Free army counseling form 11
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Purpose of Counseling
The purpose of this counseling is to inform you of your selection
to attend BLC, provide dates and prepare you for attendance.

Key Points of Discussion
You have been selected to attend the next Basic Leader Course
(BLC). Your report date for this class will be on __________. The
graduation date for this class is scheduled to be __________.
To prepare you for BLC, we will review the following topics.
1. Make sure you meet all requirements. Soldiers have been sent
home for non-compliance. Do not be one of them. Bring proof of
Structured Self Development 1 (SSD-1) completion.
2. Financial responsibility. Make sure you are financially prepared
for this TDY. Ensure your bills are paid. Ensure your dependents
have sufficient money for any expenses they have during your
3. Meals. You will be issued a meal card during the time you are
at BLC.
4. Equipment. I am attaching the list of TA-50 equipment required
for BLC. Ensure you have every i